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Need all new games, all of them are last yr's.

so is halo 2 and 3, but ppl still are awesome on them.... there are alot of ppl that play those games...and i think that it should be a champs section, lots of people play/have it...and lets see how ppl do

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My F-150 Build




what if they tried messing with the amps when the subs werent louder :ehh: hahah jk :pardon:

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super smash brothers brawl on Wi-Fi.

i'm old school vet since 64 days.

I'm up for Brawl. I suck though.

As for RB/GH, I'm thinking more scorehero type set up instead of playing online against each other. Where we post scores instead of actual head to head. Maybe with picture confirmation?

That way, you can have more than one console competing against each other. They're all similar enough where there shouldn't be an advantage of having one version over another.

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You may be offended by the above. Don't take it personally, I'm just abrasive.

DC Level 4 M2 12 D2

Car Audio Bargain 1600.1

Eclipse CD3200

~2 cubes @ 34 hz.

Stinger Roadkill Expert

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My team runs COD 4 on Xbox 360. We need scrims let us know xbl gamertag = I Phenomz I

Vehicle: 1995 Impala SSHead Unit: Pioneer AVH-P4400BHMids And Highs: (still deciding)Batteries: 1 Deka Group 34

Time to make a race car.My Build Log: Solo X 12"http://www.stevemead...don15zzz-build/My Build Log: DC lvl 4 xl 15"http://www.stevemead...don15zzz-build-My Wall Build Log: 4 Lanzar 15's/ 3k+ RMShttp://www.stevemead...t-by-techforce/My Feedback:http://www.stevemead...1

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On xbox, I will be the top of any CoD or Halo title..I'm sure plenty of people play these games, I already destroyed one SMD member in halo 4.

I also livestream and can record the gameplay.

Not interested in competing with teams unless it's an all SMD team (which would be awesome)

I compete at MLG events and LANs with teams..

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