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Busted A Hole In My Truck, Beat The Block Down I "Will" LOL!

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me & my son attended two shows this weekend, Saturday a DB Drag/IASCA Show the tear was almost off at this show


then I was the SPL Judge at a show Sunday, my goal was to go ahead & let the bass finish it off, my son filmed both times, I'm just gonna gorilla tape it & let it ride, people keep saying it's fiberglass or plastic, SUV's are made of metal, I've been giving demos


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Rattles and flex are lost energy you are hurting your score........ LOL jk.

why dont you just throw a skar audio sticker over it and call it a day?

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      Enclosure is 12 1/2” front to back, 29 1/2” top to bottom, 43 1/2” from side to side and 9 1/2” deep, 1 1/2” thick, the inside of the enclosure  is 9 1/2”, the port i need to tune at 35hz is 35.29”L 11”W 11”H how can i make this port work with the size of the enclosure. 
      The port needs to be 120sq inches but the length is the problem 
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      Greetings all,
         Looking for advice on enclosure measurements for 2 skar vd10's. I have an 02 ford focus wagon. I'm building a ported enclosure for sound quality. I would like it to play as even as possible as well as low. Though i have a wagon, i also have kids and activities, so the space i'm working with is about 34'Wx16'Dx15'H. I've traded box work for a couple of subs i wasn't using and the guy doing the box work has suggested a box with Net volume of 2.5 ft^3 with the port measuring 10Hx1.25W and 20.125L. Tuning is around 35hz. Does this sound right? I've run this through WinIsd and i wish the modeling showed it would play louder lower. Amp is Skar Lp1000.1d.  Also, not sure about the TS parameters for the VD10d4 i.e. the skar site shows different parameters than sonicelectronix. The below sub parameters are from the skar site.  Please let me know if i have left out any needed info. Super kind thanks in advance.
      Skar Audio VD-10 D4 - 10" Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration Peak Power : 800 Watts RMS Power : 500 Watts Pressed Paper Cone High Roll Foam Surround 2" High Temperature Copper Voice Coil Frequency Response : 45 - 500 Hz Sensitivity : 85.1 dB Fs : 41.9 Hz Re : 7.1 Ohms Qms : 4.20 Qes : 0.42 Qts : 0.42 Nref : 0.20 % Cms : 0.10 mm/N Bl : 17.2 n/a Vas : 17.2 L Xmax : 11 mm  
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      Im running two skar 2000.1D 
      two dc xl m2 15s
      two xs d1200
      i can either get a 240 amp alt or a 370 amp
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      Got 2 skar rp2000.1D one per sub how can i run one bass knob instead of one per amp 
      ive heard i could conjoin the bass remote wires or i could run a y adapter 
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      First off thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and offer a helping hand, secondly I am looking for someone knowledgeable and is very good with enclosure designs and getting loud to come up with a 6th order wall design for 4 skar evl 15's in my santa fe. Ive tried a couple free programs but I haven't been any good at making it work. If someone wouldn't mind helping ill get the measurements together as soon as tomorrow. I also don't mind paying a few dollars for the help either.  Thanks in advance! 
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