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What is YOUR favorite Car Audio Brand?

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I know this thread is old but I enjoyed reading through it. A lot of good story. I first became a bass head in 97 when I got my license. I remember a couple brands out there that I loved that did not stand the test of time. I can remember crunch being the shit. There was a local shop that had the crunch truck. He built up a s-10 with 8-12s and I think 4 50HCs. That thing was fifth in the worlds twice for usac. I still have one of the old EQs out of that thing.


But now a days I would go with Soundqubed. I like what they are doing. I am pleased with everything I bought from them so far. I am sure there is better out there. But I am gonna keep supporting SQ till they give me a reason not to

Oh and pro tech used to also be one of my favorites back in the day. But I think very few people here would remember those subs

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Jeff that had the crunch truck had a guy that worked at his shop, I think named Jeff also, that had a standard cab long bed s10. He put 24 pro tech subwoofers in a blow through. I can't remember if they were 12s or 15s. He had a dream of the world record SPL. Never got it playing right. He had concrete filled doors and a glass block windshield.

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