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I've been running Pioneer top end units since i was teenager. Still my favorite heads. 17 years and counting. So..Pioneer takes First...As far as amps and subs. It always changing as each company evolves. Currently liking DC Audio level 5 and 6.. and RE audio's XXX subs. Amps...DC Audio

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Im am a cost vs performance person mostly, but cost aside,

My favorite woofer is DD. It just sounded much better and cleaner than anybother woofers and ive heard many like most of us. The only downside being cost, but I got it second hand ..

Amps wise, I have say sundown only because I put my 3k through a ton and it never skipped a beat. But that being said most quality korean amps are fairly similar so id be less inclined to pick say sundown or crescendo I wouldnt say one is a lot better than the other. Especially given some of the price points these days..

Hu wise I prefer pioneer. I have used about 6 brands and I just thing the UI is better and I prefer the look as well over say sony, alpine, jvc, kenwood etc.

For the most part wire is wire. Out of the top 4 brands or so that you can trust, no big deal.

Batteries I havent tried enough brands really say and even though I run xs sometimes I wonder if 300 per bat plus is really worth it.

Alternator wise. Man alts are tricky pain in ass things. And expensive. From my experience, dont mess around go dc or mechman the first time.

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2010 Hyundai Elantra

Factory Unit via 4 chan NVX LOC

Excessive Amperage "H/O" Alt

Xs D3400/ Xs XP3000

Big 3. 2 Runs of +, 2 Runs of -

DD M3b and 2 12" AQ HDC4s

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Headunit: Pioneer

Amps: Rockford Fosgate

Subs: Fi audio

2007 Ford F-150 Reg. Cab. Flareside
250 Mechman Alternator
Sky High Car Audio Big 3
XS Power D3400
Rockford Fosgate 1/0 amp kit
Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bdcp
Rockford Fosgate T400-4
DC Audio Lvl 4 12"
Rockford Fosgate Punch 6.5" component
Rockford Fosgate Punch 6x8
Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD
SMD Volt Meter

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TEAM S.O.B. - Founder & Captain

3x Streetbeat World Record Holder

2017 MWSPL 1st place Mayhem & 4th Xtreme 4 
2016 MWSPL 1st place Mayhem/2nd Adv 4/2nd Xtreme 4
2015 MWSPL 2nd place Mayhem & 4th Xtreme 4
2014 USACI 2nd place Streetbeat 5 - 162.6 db
2014 MWSPL 2nd place Xtreme 4 - 144.9 db
2013 USACI 1st place Streetbeat 4 - 161.9 db
2013 USACI 1st place Street Q+ - 162.8 db
2013 MWSPL 3rd Kaos2 & 4th Xtreme 4
2011 USACI 2nd place MOD 1001-2k - 160.0 db
2011 MWSPL 4th place: Adv3 - 157.8 db, Kaos2 - 150s db, Xtreme4 - 140s db
2010 ARSPL 1st place 501-750 - 160.3 db Arkansas loudest

Best score to date 164.4 db - Termlab Outlaw

Streetbeat 4 - 161.9 db

Streetbeat 5 - 162.6 db

MWSPL on Dash Legal door open (Music) - 162.5 db

Sealed on dash Legal (Music) - 161.1 db - Termlab


The Black Nasty (6) 15 Rebuild Log 2012

(4) 15 Walled Sierra Build Log

Evo X build log

Facebook page The Black Nasty


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