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Sundown X18 6th BP

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I am Marcel from germany.

I am 24 years old an my car is an Opel Astra F Caravan.

Soon i will get 2 Sundown X18d2 and i want to build a serial 6th order wall for them. The amplifier will be a Ground Zero GZPA 1.4000dxII.

Maybe someone has any experiences or knows what to do?

I was thinking about 450l (15.8 cu ft) with a 2000qcm (2.2 sq ft) port tuned to 60Hz for the high tuned chamber.

For the low tuned chamber 250l (8.3 cu ft) with 300qcm (0.32 sq ft) port tuned to 20Hz.

What do you think about it?

The maximum i can build is 900l.

Thanks for your help quys best regards Marcel

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post pictures or make a build log so we can all see the build

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