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Looking for a good box design for a pair of zvx 15s.

I'm running them on a pair of hcca d5000s.

I have about 17.5 inches height and about 50inches width.

Depth I have atleast 50 maybe 60 inches.

Really just need a good cubic foot trying to tune around 28-30hz

Also considering sealing off the trunk.

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Please feel free to call Shane (Our Lead Customer Support and Past Installer of 20 Years) at the office line 813-304-2608 and he will be happy to go over the technical specifications of an optimal enclosure for you as well as answer any other questions you may have.

Thanks for choosing Skar Audio!


Skar Audio

Phone : (888) 501-7527


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Did you say pair of 15's ported in trunk?! Idc if its skar but post some pics when your done.

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Shower farts still piss me off.

I think theyre pretty neat. When the water runs down your crack as you let one out... its like shitting in a crockpot.
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Not sealed off,yet. But the rear deck has been removed. wich helped get the air moving a lot. I do wanna re build the box and seal it from the lowest point of rear window. There's a big flat metal crossmember there.

I like having my back seats especially since it's a Cadillac and my daughter likes to ride in my car rather than me using someone else's.

Think it would be louder sealed off from there or leave it unsealed??

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The trunk/ car itself is sealed real good from any air leaks.

Removed rear air outlet flapper ducts under the car and sealed with mdf inside and deadened.

Deadened rear quarter panels and then foamed them full all the way to top of rear door.

Trunk lid has two layers of deadener and also foamed full. (Weighs like 200+ pounds now)

Trunk floor is deadens with two layers of deadener.

Sides of trunk all the way into the cabin to rear doors deadened

area under rear seats and rear floor boards deadned

Working on deadining the whole car slowly and filling any voids that can't be deadneed with foam to help minimize the pressurized area a bit.

Roof will also be stiffened with mdf.

I'll start a build log soon.

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The rear seat doesn't fold. That's the reason I removed the rear deck.

I've been trying to figure out

if I should aim the subs and port up through where the deck was.

Aim subs up where deck was and port through ski hole

Aim subs at rear of seats and port up

Aim subs at rear of seats and port through ski hole.

Dunno what will be louder.

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