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SMD Tool Rental...Who would be interested?

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sorry rolex, i was not attempting to call you out or anything of the sort. I was just using your post as reference to opposition of charging full price. in no way, shape, or form was it meant to do anything other than give a reference to my opposing statement.

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I hear you man. It's all good.

This is one of those things where there are many sides to the matter.

from one standpoint, the consumer, it's understandable that they want the best value and lowest price they can get. I'm a consumer!

I don't own a business but have managed in a multibillion dollar one and a mom and pop shop so I know how they both work.

In this particular case I'm siding with the business owner and want to see his best interest protected.

At the end of the day it's CJ's call as to how and if he implements this program. He knows how much capitol he is working with and what type of losses, if any, he is willing to accept. Anything in business is a gamble. I think one think everyone here can agree on is they don't want to see him fail! :)

Rolex you sicken me.


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Ideally I want to do a credit card auth for the full amount of the tools rented. I have to check and see how long a pending authorization will be active before it falls off to make this doable.

I know most people won't want to put down a full deposit, but if that is the only way I can protect my tools, that will be the only option.

And to answer a post about tool condition vs the deposit, return the tool and it is irrelevant. The purpose of a full price depost/authorization is to protect my investment and give the renter motivation to return the product.

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I'd be interested like many here if i had the cash to buy them. Renting seems like a nice idea, i just see way to many loopholes with this to work. At the end of the day if someone has no intention on returning the device('s) they will be able to get away with that, you most likely will not be able to think of everything even though i hope you do. I know your doing this to the the devices into more hands for people to use them it just seems like from a business point of view to be careful.

Maybe require a picture of state ID, The credit card, & a signed copy of the paper to be included with payment. This is only for your piece of mind, to cover you from back charges etc, of people who try to rent them and cancel the credit card on you.

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So you rent it for 15 bucks. Deactivate the card and walk away win a tool for 15 bucks because you can't authorize the full amount. No thanks.


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n8 brings up a valid point there.. And even tho I'm definitely interested in a rental program, I can't see it working out on your end cody...

As much time and thought that you put into doing up a solid rental agreement, there will be 100+ scammers putting even more time and thought into how to exploit it...

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