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It's been a while since I did one of these. The SMD Member that provides the best correct answer will win a free TORK2 Deluxe Turn-On Relay Kit. I'm telling you right now that I won't be able to look at this thread much between now and Monday as it's been SUPER busy! I've set a reminder for myself for Monday to come and read all the answers . . .

OK, here goes. This isn't going to be the easiest question that I've asked but we do have some real thinkers here at SMD.

Takedown504's audio system requires 300 Amps for the amplifiers to reach maximum unclipped output (disregard clipping). His vehicle is equipped with a stock 140Amp alternator and the stock battery. Takedown504 is unable to use the audio system to its capabilities until his charging system is redesigned in such a way that it can keep up with the demands. This is what he would like:

- To be able to play his music as loud as it will play cleanly while driving the vehicle without having voltage issues.

- To be able to play his music as loud as it will play cleanly while parked and the engine is not running for one hour.

Obviously Takedown504 needs more alternator and some other goodies to be able to achieve his goals. What does he need?

Before answering:

- I'm looking for fact, not opinion. Show me how to make this determination and send Takedown504 down the road with a big smile on his face.

- Forget about cables altogether - we'll assume that Takedown504 didn't spend all his money on gold paint and has enough scratch to buy the required cables, etc.

Now, this is the one and only hint I'm going to give you.

HINT: The first step in such a process is to make a determination as to the current requirements of the stock vehicle accessories as installed from the factory. Takedown504 took his vehicle down to Dom's shop and he and Robbie stopped fighting just long enough to determine that Takedown504's stock accessories require 75A of current at idle.

Go. The winner will outline the correct process for determining the correct components to use, the size of the components required, etc. thereby solving Takedown504's problem and sending him out the door a happy camper.

Oh, and excuse my warped sense of humor here. Those of you that have been SMD Members for a long will get it all . . .

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Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
Email me at [email protected] to learn about becoming an SMD Partner!


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And Dom. I've got jokes I'll refrain

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A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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You cant answer this question there's too many variables.

At what voltage does the amp cut off and stop playing?

What's your definition of "voltage issues"?

You say you want the music to be played as Loud AS POSSIBLE with the car off. Yet with the engine off you will be using the reserve which is just going to keep dropping the voltage as time continues Which will make it not play as loud as possible.

I really don't even see how this is a math problem with the way you worded it.

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Stock alt

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Plenty of show cars play their systems for hours with the car off, you just need enough chargers to keep the Batts charged .

I only want to know how much of this current will be dedicated to them hones?

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That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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I can assure you that there is more than enough information above to answer the question correctly. Like I said, it's not the easiest question I've asked. If you can't answer it, then that's OK. Follow the thread and you'll learn how TO answer it.

Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
Email me at [email protected] to learn about becoming an SMD Partner!


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