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DD-1 claims another victim. DD-1 Vs $1300 Alpine Headunit

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Alpine is a good company, I'm sure they'd swap it out no problem.

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That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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Too much power kills a sub, and clipping the signal is one way of giving it a lot more power (up to 200% more) without it getting much louder. This problem by itself would not destroy speakers, but it would not sound good. It has the same problem at 1kHz which sounds reallllly bad.

Wish this could be a sticky on every forum around, and people understood and believed it!

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Current system:

1997 Blazer - (4) Customer Fi NEO subs with (8) American Bass Elite 2800.1s

Previous systems:

2000 Suburban - (4) BTL 15's and (4) IA 40.1's = 157.7 dB at 37 Hz.

1992 Astro Van - (6) BTL 15's and (6) IA 40.1's = 159.7 dB at 43 Hz.

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so why dont these work on brazilians?

I don't know that they don't. The only reason the DD-1 wouldn't work on any amplifier would be if the amplifier was always putting out more than 1% distortion at any volume or gain setting.


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u havent attempted using it on a brazilian amp?...im pretty sure (i dont remember 100% honestly) i tried it on my taramps and it always showed clipping, same thing with my opti6k...i couldnt get any signal on the deck without distortion light on...it was a first run one tho and i heard some had issues...got me a dso nano and everything worked fine

personal build in progress



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On some amplifiers (internally bridged ones, or uncommon ground amplifiers) the black probe needs to be on speaker -, not Batt- . This could cause the distortion LED to be on always.

But I have not personally seen a DD-1 used on a brazilian amp.

i know for a fact i did it on my opti6k before i got rid of it and i think i did my taramps too

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