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Need help tuning two SD2-10D4s

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  • 2 weeks later...

As promised I would update ya'll when I made some progress.

Well let me first start out by saying: "Sorry". In my early days for audio systems (back in early '00's) I was a poor H/S kid. My amp(s) were hand-me-downs from friends or my brother along with dirt cheap subs from friends when they bought new ones. I never had a real car/truck audio system until now. More than anything, I never had a real H/U that had more than a "loud" button or 3 EQ.

My issue was because of my LPF on the amp and crossover on the H/U. I had stated what my settings were in my post and maybe like I did when reading online how to properly tune subs (not set the gain) you guys overlooked what I was doing wrong.

It turns out that I either needed to A: use the crossover on the H/U to control the filtering of frequencies to the subs OR use the LPF on the amp and turn off the crossover on the H/U.

I decided to turn the LPF on the amp to its highest setting, 240hz to allow all frequencies to enter the amp but control the output of frequencies from the H/U with the built-in crossover.

Once I corrected these settings, I re-adjusted the gain using the 40hz test-tone and FINALLY!!!!!!! the subs came to life. I have to admit that this was truly only my fault for not reading more documentation on how to adjust properly. I still have the subs in the sealed box and they are sounding pretty good. I still feel like I should be getting a little more out of them but I'm thinking that's where the ported box is going to fill the void.

I just got done pre-wiring the 4 door speakers in my truck, (leaving the 3 dash speakers on trucks factory amp) installing my new Kicker 6x9's from the front doors with 6.5" for the rear doors. All that is left is installing my GM-D8604 4chan amp and putting the subs in the new, ported box.

Thanks for ya'lls help and please feel free to chime in if you think there is a better way for me to go about this.

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Correct. The LPF is at 240hz because there are no switches or other knobs besides the LPF and the Gain to set the amp at "flat" as my co-worker called it.

I believe the H/U's crossover is set at either 80hz -18db or at 100hz -24db. I honestly can't remember but sounds much louder and no clipping. Just to give you an example of how low-volume the subs were: When I adjusted the crossover's on the 6x9's and 6.5" and EQ'ed them to what I feel is "perfect" I could turn the subs on or off (by using the H/U to turn on or off the sub signal) you could not hear them subs turn on or off, it was that bad... :(

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Ported box came in and deff made a difference. To think, you can actually tell there are two 10" subs in that truck now. I also installed the 4chan amp to run the 4 door speakers and left the 3 dash speakers on the factory amp.

I've got a little tweaking to do but overall this Ram 1500 sounds amazing.

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