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(49) Subwoofers . . . Who can tell me . . .

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18.37 watts per subwoofer lol probably less due to connections

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skar sk2500.1
0 gauge power and ground kunukonceptz
alpine HU
vxi65 components on BA gt-275
new build log -> http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/150642-project-d-kon-deathcards-build-log/#entry2148821
2 x-15 sundowns

singer alt, odyssey bat, and maxwell ultra caps

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The sheer amount of wire required to connect all these subs is bound to have an effect.

Might be able to actually wire to a lower configuration to compensate....

This post sent with 100% recycled electrons.
2004 BMW M3
Mechman 280A
2 - XS Power XP3000

1 - XS Power D375

500F of Maxwell SuperCaps (soon to be 1000F)

Dash mounted O-scope
Audison bitOne (Remote DRC MP)
Highs Amp - PPI Art A404
Hertz HSK130 (HSK165 waiting...)
DC Audio DC9.0K
2- DC Audio XL12m2

LEGAL             - 147.3dB @ 41Hz
OUTLAW         - 150.2dB @ 45Hz

OUTLAW         - 145.7dB @ 30Hz




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someone needs to put 49 subs in a bus now...

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Built to Last

Team Sound Asleep

24Runner Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/196657-24runner-sleeper-system-lots-of-fi-neo-dd-focal-new-video-w-juicebox-lithium/

2 x 12" Fi BTL N2 / 2 x 12" Fi BTL N3

2 DD M3b

Maxwell 2.7V 3000F Supercapacitors

Pioneer DEH-80prs

Focal P165 V30 components

Rockford Fosgate T-400.4

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Exactly. You guys figured that one out pretty quickly. But what's the trick here? What can be learned from this?

HC - that Zeus is goin' strong!

Prime factorization bleah bleah too lazy to type more.

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MickyMcD - "Capable of making some serious trouser flapping volumes at where's-my-testicles frequencies, the Servo-Drives used to be fairly jaw dropping..."

Any time you have have a power wire next to your frame put some rubber hosing (or cut up an innertube) around it. The wire is bound to wiggle (due to driving or flex) and the casing will eventually wear through.

Hammerdown... 1%

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Or just parallel all of them.

0.082 ohms FTW! Probably get like 5kw out of that POS amp.


Best Score to Date : 160.5 dB Outlaw (47Hz)[4 XM 15's & 2 Taramps Bass 12k's]

BL :  http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/147800-chevyboy95s-4-15s-7krms-wall-1533-db-on-half-power/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/hitemwiththeflex/

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Frank, you have to want to learn . . .

The lesson here is one of system design. The following groups of woofers allow an easy net impedance:

9 - 3 x 3

16 - 4 x 4

18 - (2) 3 x 3s

25 - 5 x 5

32 - (2) 4 x 4s


And yes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. You don't always have to have a 4,000 watt amplifier per pair of woofers to get loud. Doubling cone coverage nets the same result as doubling amplifier power - a 3 dB gain.

Smart system design yields systems with high output and excellent reliability. Really smart system design adds wow factor and puts physics to work to minimize losses and maximize relationships. You won't blow a woofer anytime soon with 62.5 Watts (1,000 / 16) no matter how hard you drive the amplifier. OTOH, a 4,000 Watt amp driving one pair of woofers can be a woofer toasting nightmare. The (16) woofer system with the 1,000 watt amplifier will be significantly louder anyway . . .

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Tony Candela - SMD Sales & Marketing
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