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Work has started.....

It has a quad alt set up on it already...... Needs upgrades, but......

This thing is monster huge, many cubes...... Goals are set. Fun will be had.

Roof work,... fully boxed, and welded.....with a few cans of foam........


Fully welded.. (and have more to do) This kid doesnt fuck around.




stay tuned for more.... its a big project, and will take time..... but,........ its rolling, so to speak ;)


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I'll give you a pallet of beer if you come do my roof like that

Shit, ... this is all him.

(he nabbed a idea or 2 from me, but,...... this kid has skills)

Follow this one Chris..... ;) trust me...

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I NEVER HEARD ABOUT THIS....but it looks good :)

lulz... i bet you know more than i do...

(sorry, i cant do the group thing, responsible ATM. still LUV you all)

Hey I know that guy!

Meh..... ;)..... go get em kid.

Well fuck me sideways....cool stuff

Kenny will be the new loud of utah fooooooo shoooooow...

We have other "goals" also...

TUNED IN, show me MOAR!!!!!!

Dont just "tune in"....

Go up and click "follow"

Trust me, you will want updates on this one..... ;)

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Could be mistaken but those look like stick beads?

If they are stick, those are some decent looking beads for some 4F!

Can't wait to see more!

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Could be mistaken but those look like stick beads?

If they are stick, those are some decent looking beads for some 4F!

Can't wait to see more!

wire fed....

Thin shit is a bitch. Last thing we need is 88 blow throughs on the roof. (look close, and fire was started..lol)

but,,... kid has it under control... and.... JUST getting started....... trust me...

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