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DC 1.2k Protection Mode

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I bought my amp last month from Arden Audio. I have only been listening to it about 3 weeks. I had no problems until last Friday I was driving down Fulton Blvd and the road was really bumpy. The volume was low so I didn't realize the sub had stopped working at this point but I am pretty sure the bumps did something to the amp. The car was not moved over the weekend and Monday morning the battery (D35 Yellow top) was dead. Over the week, I tried to check connections made sure the remote wire and 12v constant both had the correct volts. I thought maybe a speaker wire was loose so I pulled the sub from the car sundown x15 dual 2ohm wired to 1 ohm. All the connections were fine. No wires were loose.

Quick notes

Amp protection light blinks red once and then turns off.

I believe the amp to be using electricity although it was in protection mode because the car battery was drained over the weekend after it sat.

Removing all the wires except ground, 12v positive, remote and the amp protection light still blinks red once and shuts down.

Does the amp need a repair or is there something I missed. Also I checked the fuses in the amp and they are all fine.

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If the shop installed it for you take it back there and have them take a look at it, They will be able to tell you

They did not install the amp. I dropped the amp off yesterday they were busy but said they will call me sometime today to let me know what they figure out.

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Just got back from Arden Audio they hooked up the amp to a battery in the shop and had the same issues. The protection light blinks once and turns off. I ended up buying the 2k and will keep the 1.2k as a spare after its repaired. Thank you all for the suggestions as to what might be the issue.

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