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Hello SMD I'm new to the board I've been checking out your vids for some time now. I love your enthusiasm for car audio installation. You have a very creative and dedicated way of installing car systems Peace you and your team

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On 2/4/2015 at 11:29 AM, Chode69 said:


1st-20th-Nominate (or if the roster is filled which ever comes first)
21st-End of month-Vote for Winner.

The winner will be chosen from the top 5 voted members by the SMD Staff. (Added 4/1/15)

Ok, here's the rules....

1.) Systems must be complete (or at least 95% complete) before nomination can take place. NO BARE BOXES

2.) BUILD LOG WITH AT LEAST 10 PICTURES IS REQUIRED. Or add your vehicle to the SMD Garage. If you do not have build pics at least a thread with the finished product. Give some info on your setup ex: box style, amps, subs, electrical system upgrades. TL score is optional but preferred. If build is already completed with no build pics then pics of final build is required. You can make your build log HERE.

3.) Professional installers or shop owners are not eligible to enter when a prize is offered.

4.) You can only win once a year, but if you don't win, you can enter as many times as you like.

5.) If you do not want to run please let it be known if nominated.

6.) If you are nominated and you are a "bad sport" you will be pulled from the nominations and suspended for 5 days out of disrespect and poor sportsmanship.

7.) If we see multiple IP address that will be used to "sway" votes, the accounts will be deleted and you will be pulled from the running. We want members to promote SOTM...hit up other forums and promote say "hey we have this competition going on check it out" but having family/friends just sign up to vote for you and leave will no longer slide.

8.) Staff of SMD (mods/supermods/admins) are no longer eligible of running in SOTM.

9.) SOTM is for Motor vehicles that drive on the road. MUST BE IN A VEHICLE (SUV, Car, Truck) not in a house, golf cart, wheel barrel, airplane, boat, wheelchair, dirtbike, 4 wheeler ect...(unless themed)

10.) MUST be your current set up.

11.) Raffling or offering the prize away to swing votes is not allowed.

12.) One win per vehicle, one win per calendar year per person.

13.) You must have at least 50 20 posts to enter and vote in SOTM. [edited by snafu 3/9/15]

14.) SOTM Winner will be chosen by the SMD staff, out of the top 5 voted nominees. (Added 4/2/15)

15.) Have fun, nominate and vote up!!!


*System of the Month rules are subject to change at any time. Any rules broken can/will results in removal of SOTM and possible suspension of the SMD Site. Respect all SMD staff member decisions for they are final.

Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.

Hi.. Km un México... But i didnt understsnd so ms y words.. Bit where. En i psfticipsge forma the smp snd wooferrs... Km justo gonns try to fix my fsmily van.. Its old bit it has lote of memorys and se decides to de upgrade it...???

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