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Lemon Lime Gatorade - what color do you see?

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It's yellow-green. It's yellow with green highlights lol

I'm with broke on the eww part unless I just got done working out and then everything tastes good.

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its light green. almost neon green...its my favorite flavor...the O G!

2007 Chevy Aveo Ls sedan

2 Sundown Xv2 on scv4k @ .5 ohm

2 pair RE XXX 6.5 components on sax200.4 @ 2 ohm

Big Three, Three runs 1/0 power from front to back, 1 ground front to back

Two runs ground from rear bank to chassis

XS power d3100 upfront, 3 Odyssey 2150s in bank

Singer 220 amp alt

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Yellow. Granted a dull yellow, but still yellow. At least on my screen

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