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Floyd v. Manny, Discuss

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Manny has to put the heat on Floyd than he can win. Floyds going to try and extend this fight all 12 rounds so he can win by decision. Both guys stamina are great so well see how many punches Floyd can dodge.

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And Mayweather fights bums.

And Pacquiao fights those bums after. LMFAO


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Its too hard to call, im not a fan of either fighter so it doesnt matter to me. I put my money on Pac-man for this fight though. Mayweather hasnt fought a southpaw that throws more than 100 punches a round or that has the speed and strength Manny has. Defense only scores so much. With the way Manny presses fights, throws punches, and has the ability to stretch this fight himself he has a good shot at winning even if it goes to decision.

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My money is on Manny.. Even though I have a feeling were going to see another draw.

Thanks alaskanzx5 I might just do that
I can recone a sub myself. About a year ago I took 2 12" power acoustic mofos and made one sub. I took the magnet and the motor off of one and j b welded it to the other motor and magnet. I had to wind my own voice coil so it would work. After I was done hooked up to 2 boss 5000w amps. And shattered my back and all my side windows

came to this thread to recommend soundqubed and ct sounds. OP goes with soundstream.

oh lawd.

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