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I'm not a Browns fan but I'm hoping Danny Shelton does well for them.


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The browns cant save themselves from themselves.

My Dolphins picked up Devante Parker, hes an average WR but we have plenty depth in a receiving lineup. I wish we'd have taken Gurley or Gordon. We have a drcent back in lamar miller but hes not a 4 down back and knowshon moreno is way to injury prone. Our secondary alson needs a huge overhaul. We lost at least 4 games last year because our secondary gave up or got burned after half time. Looks like another 8-8 or 9-7 year for us.

Everythings in the attic or garage since the truck was sold last year. New build should be coming soon in a dodge cummins smile.gif

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the browns are doomed if they are relying on dummy manziel for their future. he is a scrub and the NFL will show everyone how shitty he actually is. one year wonder. waste of a draft pick for the browns. just like richardson...they should be ok in about 20 years...maybe...

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I've been kind of meh about the Lions draft decisions now that I think about it more. Tomlinson has a ton of ties with Martin Mayhew and the Lions organization,being roomates with Barry Sanders' son and his dad playing with players Mayhew played with, that I'm starting to think that may have been a factor in drafting him.

I would have loved to see Malcolm Brown and then offensive line especially after getting a guard from Denver in their trade. I'm not a huge fan of Abullah either. Would have rather taken Duke Johnson for speed or Langford for pounding the rock in later rounds.

Idk though I could end up being completely wrong and loving their draft choices if they end up being good.

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<----Colts fan.

We already had a good/above average WR group. Why waste a 1st rounder on Dorsett? I don't get it. I mean having an entire WR corps that is good is a plus, but if Luck doesn't get protection, it won't matter who is out there...

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