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Today I looked under the hood of my car because I noticed it was leaking antifreeze. While I was under there I had also noticed that my battery was looking like sh*t and the wires for power and ground haven't been replaced since 2010 when a system was first put in the car.

Anyways, when I put my model and year car into XS Powers website, it gave me the D5100R.

My question is what does the reverse polarity part do?

I just don't know if its something that matters when it comes to putting it in my car and being done with it, like would I have to do something different?

It would be a while before I even get a new battery considering mine still works and I have other things that should come first, but I like to shop around in advance to give myself a while to think about it

Car is an '01 Honda CR-V

Right now its got 8 gauge wire for ground and power to battery from alt and to amps from battery. I don't need more than that yet.

I would appreciate and opinion or answer.

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reverse polarity means that the negative and positive post are on the opposite sides then normal. if that's what the guide says then go with it. honestly, for power and ground no matter how small the system i never use less than 4 gauge and i don't even like using that. I always like to use 0 gauge and then use reducers if needed. over kill on electrical is always worth it in the long run.

Johns.jpgSuburban Coming Soon

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I didn't put the sytem in to begin with, I've just been slowly new stuff to keep it going, but the sub amp is only pushing maybe 200 watts and probably the same for the mids and highs. I really want to do a full overhaul when I get a full time job but for now my goal is a new headunit... 5 years of wear is showing on the one I got.

Thank you for the answer.

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