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26' Toy Hauler - Audio Video upgrades 2015 RAGE'N X Install & Mods - Turned the ramp into a patio! Page 11

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I have been wanting one of these for YEARS! I have never had anything better than a tent from the local sporting goods store so this is a MAJOR upgrade for us! I would have gotten one sooner but i was concerned with whether or not i could get my RZR into it. I do NOT want to pull a camper with one truck and pull the RZR with another vehicle when we can just take one truck. Anyhow, i am planning on going to the sand dunes soon with some friends, as well as taking the family to Pismo beach in July. So i decided to start looking into what it would take to get my "toy" into it. Prices seem reasonable and i found a great deal today. I went and looked at it and within 5 minutes i knew i wanted it. The wife is crazy excited about this and was egging me on to get it. Can't say no to permission from the wife! that holds a lot of value :D

Long story shorter, we got a 26' 2015 PACIFIC COACHWORKS RAGEN 26FBX TOY HAULER. It has everything! fully loaded! It doesn't have all of the options listed below (the special add-ons) but it has a lot of them including the 40 gallon Fuel tank! Why does a TRAILER need a 40 gallon fuel tank? thats easy! to feed my RZR and my new Generator! Yes it comes with a gas pump! I think i am in heaven!

on to the pics.

keep in mind, the entire back opens up so the RZR can get in. Everything folds out of the way or in the case of the bunk beds in the rear, they are on actuators and raise up to the ceiling.












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here is a video by another dealership (somewhere) that pretty much shows what it looks like along with the rear beds (and everything else). I didn't get any pics because my hauler didn't have a battery in it yet. It will when i pick it up on wednesday! :)

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Congrats man a good looking unit!! Wait until you get the itch for a full coach RV, everything has a starting point haha

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