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2012 Malibu system upgrades: SOUND DEADENING

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2 hours ago, Joshdashef said:

Fixing to do my headliner too ! Love the work you did man looks great. 

Thanks man. Good luck with your Headliner.

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1 hour ago, AlexFernandez07 said:

Nice build. Wish I have the patience like you did to work on my malibu. I just installed a HDS2.112 with a jbl bp600.1 amp and took me over 6 hrs. 

Thank you sir. 

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Weekends progress, 



Turned out pretty solid. Out of product but i see the 36 sq ft i ordered  landed here today so hopefully i get it early so i can carry on. I need to scale back a tad to make it last, i got $900 into deadening material as of now. What do you do when your BALLS deep? Keep pushing!!! ha ha

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Now comes the time consuming part, TESA taping the harness and securing it to the body. Reducing all the small noises and vibrations. Good thing i have about 4 weeks to get the interior back in. I figure all this week deadening and interior next week but no hurry or schedule.



EXAMPLE:  Above the plastic loom is my TESA tape job.  Below is factory, see how spotty it is? The tape is not 100% coverage and doesn't seem to reduce vibration noise much. I have 3 new Large rolls of Tape to use up if need be. 



Again you can see the difference where i taped it up the right side. When i am done panels behind wiring harness will have Damp Pro on them with harness secured. Acoustic foam installed in potential trouble area's.

Finish wiring, speakers installed w/ FAST RING kit. Then move on w/ Deadening the sides of the vehicle before starting the floor. Cabin area first, trunk second. Pics tomorrow night.

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Working on all the problem areas and trying to finish up rear deck.



Same as the other side except the harness going thru to the trunk.



I wanted to reinforce the rear deck as much as possible so adding to the under side should help with the trouble spots.



I removed this fuse box to deaden quarter panel behind it. It took a sheet and a half to finish so a good size area that needed it. Tesa taped the harness, put foam strips on back of fuse box to stop rattles. (This spot was horribly noisy)

Nothing exciting, just takes time and thoroughness to reduce all possible unwanted noises and rattles. My 30 sq ft did show up yesterday morning, waiting for the other 20 SQ ft to get here. I feel progress has slowed because i am being more conservative with the materials so it takes longer to plan out placement. The fine line between being effective and wasteful.

I ordered STINGER 6x9 foam speaker ring kit. I had 6x8 kit that wouldn't work. Time to work on B-Pillars .   

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Ran into an issue while deadening this space.





After i removed the seat belt it went into a re tractor reverse lock out mode as i was left with a seat belt mechanism i couldn't re-install. So i tried to fix but ended up making matters worse. Oh well, live and learn. Get it fixed or replaced down the road, car won't driving anytime soon. I was bummed, took a day to get over it.



Naturally i left the passenger side and worked around it.


IMG_0782_zpsi4mdxhl4.jpgStill cleaning up the wiring as i go. Left run heading down is done, main harness left to do.


IMG_0783_zpsspbcyery.jpgA look at it cleaned up more.


IMG_0784_zps70bq2kt3.jpg Progress as of now. Hope to get the other side done today. With it being V-day i will only be able to get a little done though. 

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33 minutes ago, Joshdashef said:

Love the progress man 

Thanks man, getting slower as i run out of product again. Or maybe its just me? lol

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