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2012 Malibu system upgrades: wiring & prep.

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On 11/10/2020 at 2:34 PM, bcbrassard said:


Still figuring out the plan for here but this is close.  The 2 SHCA fuse boxes will be replaced with The SMD dual anal fuse holder.  My OCD won't let me have the 2 different makes in this area, crazy because nobody's even going to see it.  I do not have enough lugs for power & ground to go up into the amp rack so those are coming this week.




Power coming from fuse box to battery.  I made a few stands for the wire to be mounted to, i painted them black to blend it.   The battery sticks up 2.5" higher than the platform which was determined by the ground wires coming in from the frame.  The Stands will keep the wires at a even level thru this section.  Kind of like freeways of power.  You will see what i mean as progress conitues.




This is the left side and it will have the new SMD fuse holder mounted high up in this area.





And the right side will be a fused power & ground distribution  block for relays to run the leds that will be in the trunk and cabin as well.





The 3 in black are Audioson distribution blocks for the amp rack. All the same brand, nice looking hardware for a finished look.




I put the stock deadening pad back in.  Couldn't hurt right.  This was the last thing to do in the spare tire well, things are starting to go back in to completion.  I like it,  but there is a shit ton of wiring to do.  Power and grounds first then on to the next thing.  This is where some help would be nice.





I put speaker gasket all around the battery/fuse mounting board so it would be foam on foam.  I installed it and have the battery sitting in it.  I need the right length screws to put the hold down on.

I will get more done later today.

Anyone else see it? ....SMD anal fuse holder 🤣 I love it. Keep up the good work

‘16 ram. Net Audio. Taramps. JL. DS18.  Fox Acoustics. XS Power. 226.08” of DC Audio blue carbon fiber. 

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Todays progress....






The abs board  will be to help mount  the SMD dual Analog fuse holder in this area.  The wires with loom on them are new. 





New Ground too.





waiting on parts to finish.  Really happy with it though.





Found a good use for the these distribution blocks. 





Thought i work on wiring the enclosure up.





Bam! foamed up.





I have plenty, why not use it.





Now to tie the wire down in the enclosure.





good there...





I have to be honest, kinda getting exciting and wanting to do more every day.





Sub speaker wires at the SMD terminal.   





Sub speaker wire at the amp.  Took about a half hour, i like how clean it is.  8 gauge wire should be plenty,  Hell 12 awg would have worked.  Runs only about 3' long.


More progress Monday.  Maybe some fiddling over the weekend.

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Thanks, layout of fuses and grounding block let's the wire speaker to me and determine it's  flow. One of the truly enjoyable parts of the build.

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Glued scraps together to make posts for the wire.






Playing with placements of these 3 blocks.





I received my SMD fuse block today.  The rest is coming tomorrow.


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Todays progress....





My gay set up for working with wood and ABS.  faster than a dremel and hand sanding.






I cut, sanded and painted these this morning.  Just in case i need them.





The new SMD single fuse holder showed up yesterday along with the lugs and ferrules in needed.






Mounted w/ positive run heading right.






Wire is overkill for the electrical needed but if i ever need to tap into it i can.






I am liking how its turning out.  Couple more ground wires to go and this will be finished.



Thanks for looking guys.  On a personal note: the wife apartment fell thru and she will be here thru the holidays.  After that who knows.  Its been hell, leaving not leaving.  All this back and forth sucks, hard to get on with my life when i am unsure of a direction.

But... happy with the build and look forward to working on it daily.








Starting to zip tie to finish as i go.

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Last night after dinner i just had to...





Get the last of the ground wires on. 





I wanted the 2 in 1 ground distribution block closer to the point where 1 run comes up thru to the amp rack but this was what worked and looked good.  All runs to the amp rack should be pretty short but i ran the cables long in case the idea changes.  All lugged up and ferrules for the set screws to keep everything solid and clean.  I know its over the top but i can rest easy knowing i did everything i could to make a solid electrical system.

Since this is as far as i can go with the power & grounds, i need to start running other wiring so i can start to get panels and sub enclosure back in to car so i can build the amp rack. Progress will be slow with more butt scratching to figure it out.





I have been cleaning up every day so i can put the wife's car in the garage at night.  It has been in the single digits all week, and the week before it was snowing.  One thing i don't like about German engineering is to put a remote start in this 2015 would be close to $2k.  $1k for the new CPU, and $1k for remote start & install.  I am not paying for it and the wife can't afford it.


More progress to come.

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After redoing the ferrule on the ground(which was probably fine), I Started mounting support blocks under the wires and tying them down.





There is one under the ground.  I moved the positive run to keep them from touching.





This one under the ground again to support the 0 & 4 awg.





Grounds coming into the trunk from the frame.





Who and the hell would buy these white zip tie mounts.  Could fine anymore black one lying around.  You can't see from the trunk side but still.... WTF!






Back side view,  Looks like the ground by the post could use one.  And possibly the 3 into the SMD Distribution block.


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