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What era are you? Real to Real, 8 Track, Vinyl Record, CD or MP3?

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vinyl started me b/c i was not allowed to operate the units but cassettes got me hooked. give me a #2 pencil and some scotch tape.

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i would say cd when we finally got bestbuy close to us my dad got me a Panasonic home stereo

people who have bought from me Team Bassick (ALPINE) Purplehaze nidus

head unit sony dsx-s310btx
subs 2 12 incriminator audio king of bass
subs amp incriminator audio 20.1
mids/highs amp incriminator audio 6.4
equalizer clarion
crossover interfire
alternator 1 mechman 240amp
battery's xs power 1 d2100 2 d3100
sky high car audio 1/0 awg ofc wires

memphis car audio 1/0 ofc
xs power xs flex 4 awg

sky high car audio 8 gauge ofc

sky high car audio 12 gauge ofc

t spec rca

check out my building log http://www.stevemead...frey-build-log/


check out audio gear i have for sale





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My first cassette was when I was four... Bad animals by heart. I could sing that aaaaalllllll day. Then I got older, realized it was about sex, and that my parents probably played my cassette in the bedroom.

I don't listen to heart anymore.

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Vinyl era here. Growing up in the 60's my Dad had a side job working on pinball machines and jukeboxes. I had my own pinball machine in my room and an absolutely HUGE collection of 45's. I'd give anything to have all the 45's I accumulated from when he would change out the old discs for new releases.

2011 Chevy Silverado LT 5.3L 4x4 Ext.-cab

"Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think."

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Earliest memories are vinyl. Folk's had a huge cabinet that had a record player inside when you flip open the top.

I remember listening to a compilation record with "Take This Job and Shove It" by Johnny Paycheck (David Allen Coe)..... :drink40:

You recall those weird Christmas gifts from Grandma, well one of mine was this, the first music I ever owned:


Yep.......Culture Club. :o

Can easily say I was a bit blown away opening this present as a little kid...

As for the first music I ever bought myself, that was a cassette and it was this one:



That evolved into joining Columbia House and BMG and slowly acquiring a ton of rock cassettes which transitioned mostly into rap.

Went to college in '92 and in the fall I stumbled onto somebody selling a used Teac CD player for $75.


That allowed me to purchase my very first CD:


Funny thing about that Teac CD player, it was a POS that would barely play CD's.

It would ALWAYS throw an error code. :aggressive:

But, strangely I had one CD that somehow would always play and would "fix" the error code:


OK, I'm done.

How's that for a musical story.......

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This post sent with 100% recycled electrons.
2004 BMW M3
Mechman 280A
2 - XS Power XP3000

1 - XS Power D375

500F of Maxwell SuperCaps (soon to be 1000F)

Dash mounted O-scope
Audison bitOne (Remote DRC MP)
Highs Amp - PPI Art A404
Hertz HSK130 (HSK165 waiting...)
DC Audio DC9.0K
2- DC Audio XL12m2

LEGAL             - 147.3dB @ 41Hz
OUTLAW         - 150.2dB @ 45Hz

OUTLAW         - 145.7dB @ 30Hz




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born in 76 so cassettes for me, but my dad is 74 and oldest brother would have been 50+ now so i came from a family of vinyl and have messed with 8 tracks and r2r.

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