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Amp Test Tuesday - Good Power at the Flea Market? Undercover 500w Purchase - GUESS THE POWER OUTPUT, WIN IT!

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$1 Bob. :P

Amplifier: Gravity 1500.1d

Owners Manual claims 500x1 RMS at 1ohm

Certified mode (test stops at 1% distortion) - 217 Watts RMS

Non-Certified mode (test stops at clipping) - 235 Watts RMS

Dynamic Burst RMS (test stops at clipping) - 247 Watts RMS

Final answer 699

Thanks Steve. :)

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i noticed the first pi of the gravity had clear fuses, 25 amp, then later it had green, 30 amp. So not sure hats going on there. but with that said


i popped the 25 amp fuses during the first certified test. :rofl:

only had 30a on hand. I know it aint the RIGHT thing to do but i took a chance anyway. Tortured it for about 30 minutes straight and the fuses didn't blow again. Amp held up fine. :)

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