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Joseph Chambers

Air Blue tint?

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I live in Mexico - the Sonoran Desert. Most shops import but they won't tell you what they are using or they won't carry the best brands because people don't spend money here.

Whats the best tint that isn't BLACK but does a great job at keeping the inside of the car COOLER. As I said I live in 120f weather. I know some people here sell Air Blue but I don't know what that really is or if its the best.

I remember when I was in Dallas a few weeks ago and I was at a shop he was showing a tint that wasn't as dark but with a flashlight it retracted more light.. what do I buy and how much do I need?

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Never heard of air blue before but they 3m crystalline may have been what you were shown in dallas.

It's not pitch black but does a great job at keeping Temps down.

It is very pricey though.


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Your best tint brands in no order are going to be:




Johnson Films


Air Blue is a economy tint line from Llumar iirc.

Also tint colors will range from line to line inside specific brands, so just because 1 line of tint is not black or really dark, doesnt mean another will be from the same brand but a different line.

If your goal is to reject as much heat as possible ceramic tint is the way to go. Died vinyl or hybrid tints wont do as good of a job compared to a ceramic tint.

Ceramic tint will cost more of coarse.

Id also ask to see the tint bay and be sure that what your paying for is what your getting.

Ask for pictures of their work a quality tint shop should have no problem providing that.
Make sure the tint they sell you is actually what they are using. You dont want to pay for high dollar Llumar tint and all you see in the tint bay is $20.00 boxes of Gila or Black Magic tint from Wal-mart or an autoparts store.

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