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Thank you Seth and Khourin at sonic electronics for another great deal.I will post pictures soon as i can.If anyone wants to see one of my deals just goto my garage 02explorer and look at the DC AUDIO XL 15.I am very disappointed with Jungleslut earlier post.Name your Deal is awesome and they have the lowest prices that i have found including black friday and cyber monday.I like every website on smd forum and i shopped at all of them they all have awesome deals and I plan on buying more from all of them.I would like to thank everyone at smd forum for all of the different amazing deals.

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Hoping to find a decent HU for my 2000 f 350 dually. It has a lower end Dual and the features are lacking to say the least. I am hoping for navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio, I pod control, flip out screen etc.

Hoping to keep it around 250 or so. Thanks in advance

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Jungleslut that was very disrespectful of you!

Airborne submit your form as to what you're looking for. Seth or some will get back to you within a couple of days.


+2 Was kind of uncalled for.

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Just wanted to say that I tried out this Name Your Deal on a component set I've had my eye on. Was Dealing with Jacob at Sonic, was a great guy and super helpful. I may not have gotten the absolute lowest price, I know there are some mom and pop sites that had them for $5-10 cheaper, but I also know what Sonic's customer service is like. I feel like paying $10 more for a $250 component set is ok when you consider the customer support you're getting with it. With some little no-name website you have no idea where you'll stand if there is an issue down the road, heck you don't even know if they are an authorized dealer fir the gear you're purchasing.

So thanks again to Jacob and everyone at sonic Electronix.

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