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DC sub system advice

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So I just ordered my first big system and im looking for a little advice on if I got the right stuff. Here's a rundown of everything I ordered:

2- Lv6m3 18" subs

2- Audiopipe APK 4500.1

Kicker 6 3/4" 2-ways

Kicker 5" 2-ways

Pioneer 600.4

2- XS power D1200 Batts.

2- Boss 35 farad caps

Big 3 upgrade

100ft 1/0 guage

and other random distribution blocks, wires, etc.

any advice on what else I need or if I should change anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

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Well I'm not an expert but if you hook all that up I don't think you're battery will make it 20 mins without being dead. You will be far exceeding your stock electrical abilities. I hate to burst your bubble but it will not work. I'm trying to help here buddy.

Still learning but have started gathering.

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The alternator (s) is the "heart" of your system. In my opinion you start there and build back to the amps and woofers. You can only run what your electrical will allow.

Still learning but have started gathering.

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I do appreciate the advice, I may just hold off on installing it all until I can get a bigger alt, I have a single DD 15" that im replacing with all this, its running at about 1700rms and my lights are already starting to dim so I can imagine what these will do even with the extra batteries. so probably just return the caps and put that toward an alternator then?

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Return the Boss caps, and the AP amps. Look into DC 5ks or a DC 10k. Will need more battery reserve as well. Look into XS Power D3100s.

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I know I'm gonna catch a bunch of shit for this question but why does everyone hate on caps so much? I'm definitely gonna take everyones advice and ditch them for an alt and batteries but no ones really ever explained to me why they suck so hard. And the reason I got the audiopipes is actually from a thread on this site stating they ran the same boards as a lot of the higher end brands.

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its not that they suck just in your application they will be a waste of money they are used to help steady slight voltage dips not dropping a few volts every time the bass hits. so they will get drained and its just another thing your alt has to recharge even though it isnt really helping

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