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Mechman and Droppin' HZ a winning combo!

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I just picked up my custom made triple alt bracket from powder coating today and it came out awesome! I couldnt help myself and had to mock up the 370 Elites on it to see how they look. Came out awesome! I cant wait to get it mounted up on the truck, just waiting on new chrome plated bolts to arrive later this week.


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very nice!

Pioneer 80PRS

4 Scan Speak discovery 4" full rage

2 Ampere Audio 6.5 Comp sets

3 Singer 370 Hairpin's

1 Odyssey g78/34-P1500

6 DieHard Platinum Marine g31

4 XS D3100's

DC 175.4

DC 90.4

4 DC 5k's

4 m3 lvl 5 15's

Soundrive RCA's

Lots of welding lead & SkyHigh


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That looks sweet!!

HU: Pioneer 4100 NEX
Subs: 2 Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-10"
Amp: Rockford Fosgate P500-1bd wired @ 1ohm
Front: Polk Audio Components DB6501
Amp: Pioneer GM A5602 wired @ 4 ohm
Rear: Polk Audio Coaxials db651s
(2) OM-1s, (1) VM-1

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Looks sweet Cody!! real nice!




Pioneer P99RS
Ampere 3800
2-Ampere 125/4
4-6.5 inch Hertz HSK XL Mids
4-8 inch JL Audio ZR Midwoofer

2-5.25 Satori Mids
2-Morel Tweeters, 2 Hertz Milles 3 inch on A pillars
2-Hertz Silk tweeters
DC Audio Level 5/12
Skyhigh Wire
Mechman 320
XS Power D3100

MO Funniest Thread of the Year 2013: http://www.stevemead...dy-being-a-pos/

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