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i logged like 1500 hours on mcc sense it dropped in november, add me if you love halo like me because I play every night unless im out of town at competitions. ThEyCaLLMeNeXuS

My Youtube Channel

Trying to guess the SPL of a system with out a meter is like trying to guess how much air pressure is in a compressor tank just by letting some of the air out.

...Seems like 90 psi...

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I'm waiting to see if the MP actually works. Cant wait to see what stupid crap 343 has added to MP. I hope there are no perks or COD like additions. Its also pretty annoying that the game automatically calls out the positions of the opposing team. Maybe that didn't carry over past the beta?

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Irritated at how many swatnum matches are in swat. I do great with a br and suck with the magnum.

Also, it is starting to seem a little repetitive. Hopefully it keeps me engaged.

Got a kiltastrophy in swatnum a tho! Was pumped. Recorded it too!

Fi Team 18's (4)
Crossfire 16k
Crossfire 400.4 & 800.4
Pioneer AVH-X491bhs
140ah cmax
CES 320's (2)

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They need more maps, hopefully they will atart using community made maps once forge comes out.

I'll send an invite your way next time I see you on, internet has been giving me hell the past 24 hrs though. Getting kicked from parties and games a ton, making it hard to want to play a whole ton.

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