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DC level 6 want to change its size

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So to make it work it would need a peice of the former in between the spiders and the cone? Just a longer former like what the SMD sub has? I really love the science involved and design in subs and car audio great hobby

More than that. If you can fit a 15" woofer, building it out that way would be to your advantage.

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All I'm wondering, how can a sp4 12 on a tc basket will work yet a dc 12 level 6 on a tc basket wont. Sounds like nut hugging to me. Iove my AA/Fi subs but I highly doubt the 12 inch sp4 will work. They both have a 4 inch coil and 10 inch landing. Unless Scott has made changes to it and have not posted them I will still have doubt .. I just know I wouldnt give any of the 2 subs it's rated power if they are 12 inch.

It's a newly tooled 6 spoke Ti basket, not the existing 4 spoke Tc Sounds version from the past.

If you want to see it fail, look at my rebuild that will have 4 of them in my blowthrough. Mine will have Crossfire dust caps though

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Im not the one you want to try to troll. Just a fyi for you.

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