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? On setting gain lower than amp can do


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you have a 500 watt amp and 2 250 watt RMS subs. this shouldn't be a problem.

Even if the amp is doing more than 500 and box being a little to big ?

Yup, shouldnt be a big deal. Those subs should handle the extra power as long as its clean. The smell may be the new sub burn off of oils and lubes?

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Yes could be. You said they were being used in a display. How dirty were they? Could there have been dust and stuff on the vc? Not saying that's it just thinking out loud.

Still learning but have started gathering.

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Don't go by the power ratings that come with the amp either. That is a best case scenario that you likely won't see that often.

I'm all 0 gauge to mini bus bars, 4 gauge to amps (18"), 2 d3400, 260amp alternator and big 3.

There is also two other amps r300.4 on doors and a r150.2 on my kicks

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