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SMD Triple LED Meter Single Din Kit AVAILABLE NOW! Pics inside ***READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ONE ****

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Did you get my last email? About the S.m.d logo?

not sure. You guys email me with regular names and post about it here with your screen names. Half the time i have no idea who i am actually talking to. Did i reply? my inbox is ridiculous and hard to keep up on a daily basis.

you replied the first few then not the last names kevin davis about the smd logo on the 1/4th inch green acrylic... i said something to the nature if you can get the florescent green acrylic from the supplier there we can go that route so i don't have to ship you the piece

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Thanks Steve! It might be a little bit before I can install it with my VM-1, but when I do I'll post it



I like it!! Looks nice!! And I don't think the circuit card will have any issues with moving/becoming dislodged, because that's a really tight fit ;) now I REALLY want to get to work on my "rebuild"

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Here is my project for day:


LC-1 will go in the area that is filled in. I'm also contemplating adding my a USB right below the LC-1 knob for my secondary USB jack on the back of the 80PRS.

That's not a bad idea at all :) can't wait to see it

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I did the lighter as my bass knob. I have to repaint since I screwed it up when I cut the hole for the lighter


dude..that thing needs help.

Would you like me to send you one with two on the right and nothing on the left? give me the size of the cig lighter hole ill cut that for you too :)

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Oh no, I got this. When I went to drill the hole, the drill caught and it flew. I just have to sand it back down and repaint. It won't go into my truck until it's perfect

Part of what you're seeing is messed up paint from CA Activator on my hands.

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Im not the one you want to try to troll. Just a fyi for you.

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