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Bought a used x12. Very little sound out of it.

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Haven't had time to mess with it anymore yet. My charging system performs just fine, it just needs more power. I am

Planning a second battery in the near future. As far as the sun goes. I believe it's a recone. There are spots around the outside where the sorround is not stuck down to the basket which I believe creates a massive air leak. Right?

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I'm going to bring home my meter from work tonight and check the coils. You could be right on that. Good thing is a recone is cheap. And I paid 200 for the sub so it's worth putting the money into eve

Thank you!

Go to Fi website and order their ca glue. Make sure you clean the frame good. Hopefully it sticks or you might have to recone it

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What impedance are you wired to? If you're wired to 4 ohm and not 1 ohm, that would be your problem.

If you have any questions relating to nutrition, lifting, or health in general, feel free to give me a PM and I will give you straight forward advice with no BS involved.

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