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Need help with jiggling the power cord

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So I do a lot of video editing and I think it's time for an upgrade since the one I have gives me some problems here and their and it slows me down

I currently use this laptop


At what should I be looking at if all I'll be using it for will be premiere, Photoshop and illustrator?. I don't have problems running photoshop nor illustrator

I know if I get just about anything it'll be better than my current one. it doesn't have a beast computer if Im able to work with what I have right now I'll be able to work with what ever I get.

I do have a small budget...so what things should I look at so I can get a better bang the buck

It has to be a laptop so I can travel with it

If I continue doing what I'm doing I'll be looking into maybe building or buying a good desktop

Budget ~$500 or should I say ~$350 so when you guys suggest something it'll within my budget lol

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This is what I'm looking at getting


Just asking to maybe I can get something a bit better if I know what need to be looking at

I would like to stay with hp since I've always had hp if that makes any difference

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