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How is someone going to disrespect and fuck someone like you over..and if someones fucking over the bass head community and stealing from them and what not needs to be put in his place

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I've met you once many years ago Steve, and it's sad that people have to sink so low. I guess events like this make us aware that the world is not always full of people like us. I've had to learn the hard way. In the end you come up winning though, but people are always going to be jealous of your success.

Team Bass-Hz


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i dont think steve has been the only one who has gotten stuff stolen during a show.. few years ago people was breaking into cars at the hotels

could be people we know... people in this forum even

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Catch the guy that stole and throw him in 180db and watch his head explode! Death punishment due to bass!

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I would definitely install a nice camera system in my shop at that point... I wonder what the background is on what is going on with someone else at the moment though. If I had some expensive equipment, like those rockford 2500's you got, i'd consider looking into GPS tags installed in the amps since they are worth the security.

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What do you mean?????!?


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