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The NICEST, CLEANEST '90 C10 You'll Ever See... by Audio Anarchy

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Sam is a guy who keeps his shit clean, and his toys are no exception. A couple years ago he got the opportunity to buy a sweet 1990 Chevy short wide sport truck that looked showroom new with 60K on the odometer. Since he got it he's done a lot of things to it, including letting me build him a console sub, do some door pods and add to his existing audio system.

First thing we did was the box, then the pods, a big three, then added a second 4 channel, some mids & tweets in the dash (all active) and finally, full door panels that I've been working on, on and off for a long time.

The system is mild and more suited for sound quality and rock but he can still manage to burp a little over 40 so it's loud enough... for him, lol.

Audio equipment consists of a Massive Audio bass amp, one Massive 4 channel, a CT Sounds 4 channel, CT Sounds Meso 12, two pair of JBL MS-62 components and a pair of 3" Dayton Audio midrange drivers.

The truck:


When Sam first came to me he had a "console box" that another shop had built. I'll show that to you first and then follow up with random build pics from everything else....

Keep in mind, this first box DID NOT come out of my shop. It came out of another shop, wrapped in leather, but not mine, lol.


Dat port doe!


But what about all those gaps in the curve? SILICONE!!!!



So yeah, maybe the sub hung over into the vent and maybe it hung over the right side of the box but hey, it was wrapped in REEEEL leather!



That wedge in front of the cup holders was supposed to be a tablet mount. WTAF??


Next up, actual build pics of what I did.

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Since it was a 12 and there's not much space between the seats, I still had the challenge of the sub hanging over. I opted for a front mounted aero port and it turned out really nice looking and clean sounding, although I was a bit worried about the placement of the vent.


Overcoming the oversized subwoofer...





Mount for the vent....


I also built a padded arm rest that's held down with neodymium magnets but he has never actually used it. It's roughed in here but you won't see it again, lol....




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He had a Massive Audio Toro 10 in the original box. He replaced that with this sub and didn't like it so I sold him the Meso that's in it now. Definitely a louder sub and a bit better sounding than the Massive.


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This is what the truck looked like then. You'll notice a lot of difference in it in the video at the end of this thread...



Big three installed...




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First came the door pods. If you need some for an 88-93, these are now for sale.

Donor panels are always nice...










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And then, full panels....

Not too many build pics of these things, mostly because they were a bitch to do and I spent most of the time I worked on them, frustrated and not in the mood for photo shoots, lol. But they were well worth the effort in the long run!

First priming. There's a lot of fiberglass on the back of these panels, on the front of them, in the middle... fucking everywhere. And body filler... holy fawk I used a lot of body filler getting them shaped the way I liked them. And they're fucking heavy....



The panels were originally carpeted on bottom and cloth wrapped on top, so I had to build up the underside edges to meet with the doors along with building up the top and especially around the switch bezel and arm rest to make everything fit nice and tight. And it does.








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After painting them the first time I found some problem areas and wound up blocking the large parts below the arm rest back down past the paint. Primed them again, based a second time and got some runs so I let that dry and based them again..... and my paint gun dripped. It never fucking drips. Cept on these fuckers. So let that dry, wet sanded and at long last, the final clearcoat went on and we were ready to install...







AAAAAAAND... teh video:

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