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If Denver defense is the on point they won't need much to win. Defense wins games not offense. Don't care how many points Carolina scored per game it's the defense that can stop that. Denver game plan should be to keep the defense resting as much as possible and their offens out there killing time to take away Carolina chances of scoring. Denver dont want to get on that scoring side of the game because they will lose that game. If Denver controls the clock they have a chance. If their defense is on the field for half the game them Carolina will make them roll over

Score per game means squat in the playoffs. Seen many high scoring teams lose the big one. Same goes in the nba. Teams score 120 110 and average over 100 per game yet championship game is on and they can't even get 80 on the board

I agree with defense winning games and I agree with what Denver game plan should be, otherwise i disagree. You say points per game doesn't matter but they were 31.x points per game and in their last two they were well over that so........

Not only that but if we can't guess who will win off of statistics than what can we base it off of?!?!

Maybe I'm wrong but Panthers did make a good team look a fool (arizona) and the panthers have played good defenses and it just doesn't matter, this is panthers years. Not saying they will hit 30 points even though i think they will but i don't see Denver touching Carolina. Just my opinion. time will tell.

Arguing over the game before it happens is like arguing that the pro bowl is real, LOL!

Look at the whole picture.

Arizona allowed other teams take control of the game clock they allowed points they allowed many 3Rd down completion they allowed many things during the season so of course a high scoring team will run them over. That's not the case with Denver.. Carolina has a big change the biggest if you ask me but I'm just pointing out what Denver needs to do to win. The chances are slim if they don't have a game plan

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I also like finding this thread late and seeing what people thought was gonna happen, LOL

yeah I don't care who wins as long as it's a good game. Both teams are good. but one has a weak link(Payton)
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Payton should have retired few seasons ago. Hopefully he has enough to make it a good game. I sure don't want a blowout game that is over on 1st qt. Those games are boring

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Id love to see him go out with a win but this is really like driving that 30 year old Mercedes to the dealership when they are offering the 5k minimum trade in and hoping it doesn't die before you get it on the lot.


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Hell yea!

Broncos already the underdog, hopefully it's an entertaining game though, because that's what sports are...entertainment......

just can't wait for it to happen, so we can fucking wait 6 months to watch NFL again....LOL

I only watch NFL (as far as sports go) and it's climax time, ROFLMAO

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I think some of Denvers offense problems are catching the damn ball, they have dropped a ton of passes lately that should have been caught. Is manning playing the best? Hell no, but something a lot of people are not considering is that the Panthers current team are relatively new to the big show, that in and of itself can be a major factor, I think it's going to come down to who shows up. I'm a manning fan through and through having grown up in indiana, and I would love to see them win, but it's not going to be easy, and I think the Panthers will probably take the game.

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