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Once we got one built up and held it up by its ends it bowed in the center due to its weight! While funny, we had to redesign the base plate, we changed it from .120" thickness 6061 to .190" thickness, we also added the mounting feet as part of the base plate. Problem solved, another pound or so added lol. Time to build up some new baseplates



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Next revision of PCBs ordered and enough parts to build 4 complete units. It was over 3000 components that needed to be soldered.






One part at a time...



Losing my mind after 800 components....


Finally all the big parts are done after 2 or 3 days. Now to Juan for the smaller stuff, my eyes and soldering skills are not up to the task anymore.


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After we got one PCB up and running we started doing thermal testing again (beating the crap out of it). Remember a few posts back we weren't satisfied with the isolator material we were using? Yeah, this happened. You can see the tan-ish colored material. It is a phase change material that is supposed to be awesome, it was pretty awesome, just not awesome enough.


Time to go home for the day now that the entire building smells like blown up MOSFETs. The search continues for a better material.

After searching around we discovered Alumina Al203. It is a bad ass ceramic that will do both jobs excellently (electrical isolation, yet fast heat transfer). Learn about Alumina here http://www.morgantechnicalceramics.com/materials/alumina-al203

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As it turns out, this stuff is available for exactly what we want to use it for. You can see it here in this photo (as well as all the hardware we ordered from McMaster).






Back to building and testing using the ceramic isolators.



Thermal conductivity (heat transfer) is on point now!!!

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After setting the bias controls and doing a bunch of testing, everything looked fantastic. We just got the demo car back this same night, time to remove the placeholder baseplates that we gave the shop and replace them with the real thing!



She's like 2 1/2 now


Now repeat the process and build another amp lol




A little orange peel on the paint (it looks worse here than in life for some reason) I blame the cold booth and the rush we were in. Production pieces will look better!

If I find more pics I'll add them. Thanks for following along. The result was better than we hoped for, everyone who has heard these amps has been impressed. They are VERY dynamic and fast, the dynamics of the music come through producing a very "real" or "live" sound.

Tony D

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