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I am in the market for a double din, bluetooth, satellite radio, nav and good pre-out voltage. I sent a "name your deal" request with no response a while back and posted in that thread.

edit⊙⊙. Didn't mean for that to come off as condescending◇◇

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With this!!


Jensen VX7012. 3 sets of 6 volt pretty outs and all of the features I was looking for. All in a single din.

Any thoughts? The EQ seems cool and it looks easy to use,

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The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX or 4100NEX is going to be about the cheapest route for what you want and actually get what you want. You get what you pay for... That Jensen headunit would of made a lot more news than it has if it was actually as good of a deal as that... It's been out for a long while and not many have praised it.

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Here's the deal. A friend of mine got one about a year ago and loves it. I know what the go to brands are as I have owned several alpine, kenwood, pioneer etc but I like to give things a shot every so often and I am rarely disappointed.

I want something that has what I want and won't require me cutting the dash appart. Placed the order and it should be here soon. I'll let you know if it shits the bed although I doubt I'll have much trouble. It's warranty covers factory boo-boo for a year and sonic has great customer service so I am confident in my purchase.

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I bought a soundstream single din flip out from sonic that was an absolute piece of shit screen stopped flipping out after like a month and then the CD drive went out then the volume control knob went out. It was still under warranty and couldn't get sonicelectronix to even reply to me also if it's not professionally installed you get little to no warranty. I've never had any luck with customer service from sonicelectronix just bought a dc level 3 through them and when I received the motor was pretty scratched up I didn't even bother trying to message them lol. I've been ordering from them from years and still love sonic but I'm just sayin lol. I wouldn't count on a warranty.

Also just realized this thread is a little on the old side lol so I'm guessing you have already received and installed this head unit any opinions on it so far?

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