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I recently made a couple purchases threw your website.

everything showed up on time, undamaged ( kinda) no complaints there..

now,, when i purchased the deck it was sold with a harness ( like a package deal ), that is suposed to let the steering wheel controls work.........

1 of 4 subs, the little rubber stoppers that are put in the screw holes, one came out and got under the dustcap.. shook it for 10-15 and it didnt come out.

called them saturday, told them about the issues i had and was suposed to get a call back money to get things straightend out,

well/..... no call back, buttttt they shipped a sub to my buddys house in the US ( where it originally shipped, even tho i told them i would like it shipped to my house instead of a friends, to save me a 1.5hr trip and border crossing)

never got a call back from them like they said... buttttt they sent a sub without me calling, to the wrong adress, andddd i ended up getting the piece out on sunday, soooo no sub needed. ( had they called back, no sub would have been sent.)

now the harness.

i got the http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_75022_Scosche-GMSR11.html ( this one controls the chime ONLY) harness with the deck. it says in the first line that it work with steering wheel controls, perfect!!!!


they made a typo and admited to it, said i also need this http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_68038_Axxess-ASWC-1.html ontop on what I already have purchased, to make it work properly.

i hear all about the great customer service, but this experiance, sucked. I had to call you guys back because I got a notification saying i had an order, but never even place one..

may be hard to make sence of this, if so just ask for clarification on which part, typing long things like such are hard.

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1998 gmc extd cab

12 crossfire C710s

4 SAZ-4500s

3 Singer 400A alts
buncha mids/highs

Team Asshole

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Let me share a bit of knowledge about Sonic Electronix. Sonic is a pretty huge company, idk how many times i've called their customer service and was told to call back later because their phone lines were completely tied up. I've been ordering stuff from them for a good 5 years or so and they've made their fair share of mistakes over those years, but eventually made it right. The last order i placed with them was 2 DC lv6 18" dual 2 ohm subs (important!) and all the stuff to make them bang. when the order first arrived, one of the subs looked like it had been air dropped without a parachute, (thanks UPS). I called Sonic and they had a new one on the way within hours of the call. The next sub they send me turned out to be a dual 1 ohm sub, which i didn't realize until i had burnt the leads completely off the spider. They admitted that they had send me the wrong sub and asked me to send it back and i would receive the right one. The point i am trying to make tho is have patience, even tho this last order has been a hassle for me, there have been plenty of orders that i have placed that went without a hitch. Sonic has always came through and made it right for me and there should be no reason they won't do the same for you.

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