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Trying to order another sub dc m2 level 3 15 d4. Got the last one through sonicelectronix. Cost was 285 now it says dc m2.1 and cost 10 dollars more is this a different version or am I tripping?

Need to order 3 more and I don't want to have 1 m2 and 3 m2.1's?

Was going to order from another site but looks like they have different dust caps?

Messaged rusty a while back about something else and message was never read. Idk if he doesn't get on here much or what so I'm posting here in hopes that someone else can answer me some questions lol.

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there is a diffrence between the m2 and m2.1 , the cones and surrounds are not the same

m2.1 is a stronger cone , diffrent shape surround and its thicker as well, modeled to be more like the m3 8 surrounds


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