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Mechman Alternators

$399 for 250amp Elite Series Alts

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What about a crazy special for the rest of March or while supplies last? $399 for any Mechman Elite Series 250amp alt. That is right. $399 for ANY Elite Series 250amp alternator that we currently make!!!

Call to place your order and get the discounted price. 888 MECHMAN (865.522.6166)

You can find all of the alternators we offer right here!


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Smoking deal

Thats cool. Im way too old to be upset by shit like that. Your name is winston. Your own parents hated you even before you were born.

My penis is bigger than your penis

I'm far from loud and my roof/headliner flaps around like Adam's ass on a windy day. I think it depends more on the structure of the vehicle.

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Do you guys offer this alt for a 2008 dodge caliber srt-4?

I'd really like to get in on this deal but I don't see a listing for my vehicle at all on your website.

That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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Sweet! I'll go grab one for my T-mount AD244 trailbla.... oh. :(

Don't trust a shop but you personally just smoked two decks, makes sense.

03' Trailblazer LT
Dayton Designer 6.5"s & Silkie tweeters
Dayton Audio Ultimax 18"
Pioneer 9601 & 8604
XS Power D3400
2 runs 1/0
Singer 250

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I need one for the Ls swap. Will these alternator handle high rpm like 6800 to 7000 engine speed?

In the description it says it does Miguels, that's why it comes with a standard size pullu

Team Bass-Hz


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