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I recently pulled the system from my car due to noise. In doing so I found my DQXS had some loose RCA connections. I called AudioControl and got a return number and shipped it off. Eric, the person I spoke with informed me of a flat charge to inspect the unit for any damage. The unit arrived at AudioControl on the 3/21/16. I just got off the phone with Eric (3/29/16) to follow up on the status of the repair/checkup. The DQXS will be back in my hands Thursday 3/31/16. They repaired the RCA's and updated the software on the DQXS.

The DQXS was discontinued years ago and they still took great care of me and the DQXS.

Thank you Eric, and AudioControl it has been a pleasure to deal with you and your companies products.


Earned a customer for life

Product 5 stars

Service 5 stars

Would recommend to anyone!!

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