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Hey everyone,

I will be picking up an E12d2 V3 in the next week or so. They look pretty mean. This will be my first Sundown product and my first self-install. I previously ran 2 15" Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2s in my suburban. I'll be installing the E12 in my 2012 TC. I'll have it wired at 1 ohm and feeding it 600w rms. Think Sundown's page recommends a 1.75 cu ft ported box. So far I've only been seeing setups with multiple subs, so I don't really have much to go off of in terms of what to expect. Since I'm limited on space in my TC, I wont be running multiple subs or a giant box. Does anyone have or has anyone seen a single E12 perform in similar setups?

This is sort of a budget install, so I'm not interested on upgrading to the SA series even though it's "only $100 more." If I still had my suburban, I'd consider it (or even the X series) due to having a lot more space to work with. But I don't.

Any recommendations on box size, placement of enclosure, photos of your setup, or just reviews on the E12's performance is greatly appreciated.


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I have an E12v2 that I have been very happy with. My build is more SQ focused but I'm using mine in a 1.5 cu ft box tuned to 28 Hz on about 600 watts of power. Works great.

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Since you are running in the 600w range, I would actually suggest picking up a E12D4 v3 instead for a final impedance of 2 OHM's and pick up an amplifier like the Alpine MRV-M500. It's easier on your electrical due to better efficiency and they are pretty cheap. Amp dyno's have shown the MRV-M500 is under rated.

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I'm pretty set on using my current amp. I can either run 400w rms at 2 ohms or 600w rms at 1 ohm. Should I look into getting a 4ohm E8 instead? That way I could run it at 2 ohms without under powering it. And I could save on space with a smaller box and spend less on the sub. Not sure how they perform though. Any feedback on the E8s?

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So I ended up going with the E8 and wired it at 2 ohms. That little guy hits! Sounds great for a single 8 only getting 400w rms. Nobody believes all I have is an 8 back there. Having a custom box made for it sure made a difference. For my first Sundown Audio product and first self install, I am extremely satisfied.

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