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2 lvl 5 15 m2s on dc 12k

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would 6 cuft with 2 6" aero ports tuned to 32hz on a 12k , I know way too much power but gain will be set and then turned down, be an ideal box or should I go a different route. going in an 03 denali. the person Im building it for listens to mostly hip hop and occasionally the decaf stuff. the person he bought the subs from told him to do 5 cuft with 3 6" aero tuned under peak of vehicle and then plug one for daily driving. the person im building this for doesn't plan on competing so im just gonna do 2 6" tuned to 32hz which gets me around 9.4 sq in to cu ft ratio. any input would be appreciated.

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seems kinda small for port area, should try 2 8 inch ports, thats 100 sq inch, 8 inch aeros are pretty cheap for good flared painted ones, around 32 bucks each

I think 5 cubic feet is also to small for 2 15s. I would shoot for BARE MINIMUM of 6 cubic feet NET, after all driver/brace/port/ displacement

Kenwood excelon ddx795

 3 370 amp CES alternators (audio side only)           
       McLaren dome tweeters                                   Crescendo 6.5 ultra neos 
                                                 NVX JAD800.4
                                            4 PA x4 SPL 18's
                     4 Digital Designs m5's at .7 ohms each
        2 K2 80 ah lithiums

                              3 group 31 agms                                       Ledglow million color (12 piece)

2007 Yukon xl


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