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Where the heck do i find two sa-12 rev 3?

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All i can find online is the 600w rev2 version.. For the sAme money i want the 750w rev 3 versions. There is no local shop near me... Are sundowns this difficult to purchase? Am i gonna have to go with dc or psi instead?

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Those 600w rated v2 Will handle 750w no problem.

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That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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there is this new search engine called google, pretty sure you could enter in exactly what you are looking for and it will pop up. cheers

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2003 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 3.8

  • JVC KD-R975BTS
  • Clarion EQS746
  • Kenwood P907PS
  • Ascendant Audio 12" Havoc v.1
  • Ampere Audio 2000.1
  • MB Quart Onyx 800.4
  • XS Power D3400 - Hood
  • XS Power D975 - Trunk
  • Singer 240A
  • Sky High OFC 0 & 4 gauge
  • Kno Knoise Kolossus Deadener
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