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They recommend a 200 amp fuse because a full tilt it could potentially pull that much current,

That amp can put out every last bit of 2k.

You can fuse a 4ga run at 200 if it's a short run, the ratings you see for wire are usually based on a 20ft run,

The shorter the wire the more it can carry over the length of it.

I would run a 150 amp fuse on it personally though, you are likely never going to see a draw over that on music.

You could probably even go smaller if you wanted.

Stick with a 60 amp fuse for the t400.

That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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OK so my 15001bdcp came today, birthsheet of [email protected] I got to thinking about my power run. I haven't measured it totally yet but a rough estimation would have it at around 15-18 feet. I'm running the 400 and 1500 on one run so should I stick to 1/0 or go with 2/0?

I'm ordering all my wiring next Friday so I wanna be 100% sure before I toss money down the drain.

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Mite as well Order as big as you can afford. You can get welding cable like from electron beam way cheaper than (car audio) wire

Clarion cz702

Ssa evil mids and tweeters

ppi 900.4

2 zcon 18s

Taramps 10k

3 big dekas 1 xs

3 runs of 4/0 and big 3

300+ amp ohio generator

155.7 on dash at 36 (peak) 152 at 25

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A single run of ofc 0g is good for 300amps.

With a max of about 260amps of power draw you will be fine.

I personally would do 0g and add a battery to the back rather then using a distro block.


2 t2d4 15"

1 t600.4

1 t400.2

1 set p1 tweets

singer alt, tons of wiring, smd vm-1, 80prs, back seat delete, still in the works, aiming for a 145-147 with the ability to play 25hz up to 50hz.

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