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Cheap But Decent 18v Or Higher Drills

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I got a 18v skill from my parents like 2 years ago, wish i would have just bought my own a 12v dewalt has more torque and is like half the weight, but cant complain it was free. So my vote goes for dewalt

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leaning towards the ryobi 18v hammer drill or craftsman 19.2v

for the construction company me and my older bro work for, we only use ryobi 18v hammer and we love them, very durable, battery last longer than anything else we have used and they have alot of torque.


1997 GMC Yukon
1-DC xl18"
Stetsom 2K5E
3-Kinetik HC1800's

1967 Pontiac GTO

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x2 on the dewalt

also Sears does NOT have lifetime waranty on electronic tools or power tools, the lifetime warranty is only on hand tools unless stated directly on the item purchased.

x3, I have a bunch of Dewalt (like 8 different 18v tools) and they are tough. The bitch is the batts are like $90.00 but they last forever if you know how to maintain them; don't over charge them or leave them in the charger etc.

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