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XS Power Intellicharger Issue

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Well this month does not seem to be my month as far as electrical goes. With my Singer alternator taking a shit and now my charger. Pretty disappointing considering I've been using this charger religiously for the last year and a half with no issues to charge my XS batts, absolutely love it. Anyway, I went to plug my truck up like I do every night but noticed the charger making a very strange high pitched noise like something is leaking. Never heard this before and my volt meter connected to back battery bank was showing no charge. Busted out my DMM and sure enough there is no charge coming from the charger at all. The charger turns on, the fan kicks on, the light is red as if it's charging, but there is no charge whatsoever. In the video you'll notice when I put the camera on the side of the charger with the switch you can hear the high pitched leaking sound very well. Sounds like a cap is leaking or something. Anyone experience this issue? As always thanks for any insight.

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seems like the charger is broken. I would contact XS power and see how much they will charge to repair it.


Ya that's what I am coming to the conclusion of. I called XS and they said based on what I was describing it was something with the main board. So they suggested I buy another one. So now I have to look at buying a new charger to replace it.

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If you have to buy a new one you might wanna check out the PSC15 for $200. Basically does the same thing as yours but can also be used as a 15 amp power supply and has recovery mode as well. There's also the PSC30 and a PSC60 if you wanna spend more and need more power. A lot of people are using those now and seem to be happy with them, including myself. I love my PSC15. Good luck man

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