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270a Mechman Arrival--Regulation Issues--'10 Ford Taurus

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So unknown to me, my Mechman was scheduled to come in yesterday. Talk about a pleasant surprise. Luckily enough I was outside cleaning my car when FedEx showed up because I had to sign for it.




Unfortunately my day was completely packed so installation had to wait til about 9pm. I can't say it was a difficult install, but it definitely wasn't fun considering the engine was still hot from driving to the garage.


Took me right at 2 hours to uninstall and then install the new Mechman.

Now here is my issue, I'm not seeing any improvement since the install. Voltage under load is still the same. The problem is believed to be that my PCM is regulating the amperage. It is not externally regulated because I didn't think about it when I ordered it. Doing some research online on a Taurus forum, I read that you can clip the ground wire to the alternator from the PCM and then ground it else where to bypass the PCM. Has anyone done this or heard of this being done? I really don't want to cut into the harness on my car unless I know it's going to work like it's suppose to.

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We do not suggest cutting the vehicles harness.

Did not go through with that option. I have been emailing back and forth with Josh Hagens from Mechman customer support about sending it back to have it externally regulated.

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