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Just wanted to see if any of you have played around with these subs before. Was curious about their thermal capabilities. I have a pair right now and I want to power them with around 1500 clean watts. Just fishing to see if any beat on these subs before. Thanks.

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Haven't beat on the t0 but I have on the t1. Did an install for someone running just under 1500 per. Was 2 12s. They took it fine but it would be pushing the limits of the t0.

The t1 unlike the t0 has a copper heat sink that helps with thermal capabilities. I would go over 1200 on the t0 12. 1500 for a comp sure but no more then 1200 daily.

If you know your pushing the limits and watch your volume you can push your luck at 1500watts but just know it could be risky


2 t2d4 15"

1 t600.4

1 t400.2

1 set p1 tweets

singer alt, tons of wiring, smd vm-1, 80prs, back seat delete, still in the works, aiming for a 145-147 with the ability to play 25hz up to 50hz.

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